We created the Pedestrian Crossing solution to keep people safe while they’re crossing intersections, marked and unmarked crosswalks, school zones, and multi-way stops. Drivers can’t always predict what a pedestrian will do, but you can take steps to make the system safer. With this solution, we can help you bring crosswalk injuries and deaths down to zero.

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Pedestrian Crossing Audit

The level of protection in pedestrian crosswalks used to be based on how many people used them. Now it’s based on the level of risk associated with that particular crossing. High-risk areas, no matter how little traffic they see, are now more important to address than high-traffic areas with low risk. As part of theconsultative process, we can audit your intersection and report back with qualitative data about your intersection and its risks.

Overhead Flashing Beacon Systems

Most crossings have a pedestrian crossing sign on each side and striping across the road. In winter, signs aren’t as reflective and the paint may not even be visible. If drivers don’t know a crosswalk is coming up, they might not slow down in time. A simple beacon system can be activated by pedestrians, vehicles, or even a schedule to keep everyone in the intersection safe.

Installation & Maintenance

We install everything we supply, but we don’t stop at putting the system in the ground. If we install a crosswalk in front of your elementary school, we can meet with the kids to talk about crossing safety. We can also provide quality control by testing the pedestrian crossing to see how it’s affecting drivers and overall intersection safety.