Delineation is about moving people where you need them to be, whether they’re in a car or on foot. It can be difficult to tell temporary and permanent delineation apart, and some devices are more durable than others. That’s why we’re the experts. We know the difference between the types of delineators and we know which will keep people safe in which situations.

Our products always have more and better reflective tape than our competitors’ products. We use 3M Diamond Grade sheeting and use more stripes than provincial standards ask for. This keeps delineation devices bright even if they’re dirty or damaged. If you’re driving down a road and conditions have changed, it’s better for items indicating the change to be as visible as possible. The fewer on-the-spot decisions the driver has to make, the better.

We use recycled tires or rubber to keep our delineator bases more environmentally friendly. All our bases come with “ATS Traffic” embedded in the rubber, but if you’re ordering a large number, we can use your business’s name instead. Your name can also be spray-painted or stencilled on the bases.

As you can see below, we have a range of products to fit any project. We also have the expertise to match. To the casual eye, one traffic cone is just like another. But if you’re the person working behind the cone, you want to know that it’ll keep you safe. Work with us and we’ll help you find the right tools for the job.


Delineators are used to mark the edges of an area where people can walk or drive. We have delineators for every situation, whether you’re keeping pedestrians safe around a work zone or a car from going through your building’s front window. You can also use them for more temporary applications, like sports events and emergency response. We can help you decide which type of delineator is right for you.





Barricades & Barriers

Barricadesare solid-looking but light-duty objects that tell people not to pass through them. If a driver hits a barricade, the vehicle will go straight through. Barriers, on the other hand, are heavy duty and crash rated. They redirect traffic to keep workers and pedestrians safe in high-risk situations. If a driver hits a barrier, the vehicle will go off in a different direction. We carry a range of barricade and barrier brands like Vulcan, Glare Screen, Road Runner, and Yodock.

Urban Barricades

  • O-Frame Parade-Style Barricade (Types I & II)
  • Urban Barricade (Wood) with Steel Legs
  • Plastic Barricades
  • Portable Traffic Safety Barricades
  • LSII A-Frame Sign Stand Barricade
  • more Urban Barricades

Highway Barricades