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Until recently we operated as ATS Traffic Group, a collection of traffic control companies including Alberta Traffic Supply, Inprotect Systems, Guardian Traffic Services, and Trafco Canada. Now we’re one company, ATS Traffic, and we’re proud to celebrate 50 years in the traffic safety industry.

We started out back in 1966 as a traffic control company that used new ideas to improve traffic safety, and we’re still doing the same thing today. If there’s something new in the industry, we already know about it and can use it to solve your traffic and safety challenges.


ATS Traffic has a long history of helping all118bet金博宝 with their traffic control, signage and road safety solutions. Formunicipalitiesin small towns or large cities, if you’re responsible for keeping residents safe, we can help.Road building and maintenance workerswill benefit from our massive product inventory and range of service to help you keep your project on track. We also regularly handle transportation challenges forindustrial companieswith road-side setups, detours, flagging and more.



In 1966, a man named Lorne Hooper had a simple idea for making roads safer. Fifty years later, we’re still inspired by his passion and dedication.

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We’reled by peoplewho know everything there is to know about traffic control and use that expertise to bring people home safely every day.

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We offer a great place to work and plenty of opportunities to grow.

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We’ve worked on high-profile projects across the country.


Video Transcript

ATS Traffic has been Canada’s best choice fortraffic managementsince 1966. We see traffic from a higher level which makes it easy for us to control projects from start to finish. That’s why businesses and communities across North America trust us to keep their roads and work sites safe during construction and maintenance. We provide those customers with tools, services and systems to keep people safe and traffic running smoothly. We also offerconsulting, anonline storeand a suite of118金宝搏高手论坛 . The benefits to your community are clear – accurate budgeting, consistent quality, public and worker safety and driver satisfaction. We’re also leaders in the pursuit of Vision Zero and we’re working towards zero traffic delays and zero traffic fatalities.

For over 50 years we’ve worked with118bet金博宝 to keep workers, drivers and pedestrians safe no matter where the road takes them. Join us as we move toward a safer future. ATS Traffic, safety forward.