Traffic Safety and Control Solutions No Matter the Scope

Projects rarely need just one product or service. We take your specific needs into account and create a bundled product and service package for you. Using the latest technology and leveraging decades of safety and traffic control experience, we can plan, manage, and maintain your project from start to finish. We know what issues limit the decision-making process, and with our help you can confidently navigate them to make your project a success.

We’re your traffic experts. Let us work with you to develop a plan and set it in motion.

IntelliTrafik Smart Cities

Enhance the efficiency and safety of existing infrastructure with connected, data-driven smart city solutions.


Traffic Detection Systems

Capture, analyze, and communicate data with road users instantly. Collect and apply the information you need.


Intelligent Access Control

Track and control vehicle entries and exits with the latest technology. ATS Traffic can customize a solution to your specific requirements.

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Advanced Warning Systems

Protect road users with the latest technology. From traffic calming enhancements to critical alert systems, ATS Traffic can design and implement the solution you need.


Video and LiDAR Video and LiDAR Services

Capture the traffic data you need to detect trends and prioritize safety and efficiency.

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Traffic Data Collection

ATS Traffic’s IntelliTrafik division specializes in capturing and analyzing data to increase safety and efficiency.

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Smart Intersections & Adaptive Corridors Smart Intersections & Adaptive Corridors

Give priority to transit and emergency service vehicles with ATS Traffic’s pre-emption systems.

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Municipal Asset Management & Maintenance

ATS Traffic takes the hassle out of tracking, repairing, and replacing inventory. Save time and money while upholding your community’s image.

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Parking Intelligence

Make the most of your space; ATS Traffic can design and install parking systems that provide Increased control and shareable insights.


Smart Work Zones Smart Work Zones

Message board and trailers can be used for so much more than static alerts; automatically collect relevant data and relay important information to drivers in real time.

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Our Process

The answer to your problem is rarely as simple as installing a single product. That’s why we go through our consultative process to find the best solution for your needs.Our consultative process helps us determine what you need and how to make it happen. Not every solution will require every step of the process. Each solution will, however, combine certain elements of our products and services, including traffic devices, advanced technology, and on-street services.

1. Consultation

We’ll meet with you to understand your business, your most pressing problems, and how we can help.

2. Discovery

We’ll meet with different stakeholders at different levels within your business, then send you a summary of our findings.


We’ll identify project goals and outcomes, then develop a plan for reaching them with as few problems as possible.

4. Advisory

Using our findings as a starting point, we’ll create drawings, develop timelines, and outline the resources you need.

5. Implementation

We’ll put the plan into action by supplying equipment purchasing, setting up your site, and installing or commissioning the system.

6. Support

We’ll provide customer service, support, monitoring, maintenance, and upgrades, and together we’re responsible for the project’s outcome.