Traffic Management Plans and Drafting

As cities and vehicles become smarter and all modes of transport begin to work together as integrated systems, the demand for advanced traffic management planning increases. Our dedicated team of industry-leading experts create detailed, site-specific traffic management plans that will lead to streamlined project management and get you on the road working quicker.

Why ATS Traffic for Traffic Management Plans

  • Easy Setup
  • Advanced Tools and Technology
  • Guaranteed Compliance
  • Maintain Un-interruptions
  • Jurisdiction Specific Design
  • Construction Staging

Vulnerable Road User Considerations

When maintaining the flow of pedestrian/cycling traffic is not possible or feasible and a sidewalk/bike lane closure is the only option, provisions must be made to ensure that the detour is safe and the inconvenience to the public is kept at a minimum. The closure must be made obvious with the use or signs, barricades and/or fence.

Site-Specific Approach

The level of professionalism of ATS Traffic’s Traffic Management Plans will lead to a shorter review and eliminate the need for revisions following the governing authority review. We create site-specific plans that consider existing infrastructure and complexities, such as parking restrictions, back alleys, existing relevant signs, length of tapers and buffers, road geometry, islands/dividers, lane markings, direction of traffic, equipment requirements, landmarks for ease of setup, and more.

Traffic Movement Systems

Our traffic management planners utilize advanced simulation and design tools to add an additional layer of functionality and accuracy to your traffic accommodation strategy. For example, a zipper merge is a late merge strategy where all available lanes of traffic are used right up to the lane closure. Drivers then alternate into the open lane. The zipper merge strategy is most effective when there are high traffic volumes on the road, combined with low average speeds due to congestion.

Temporary Traffic Management Plans with AutoCAD

By utilizing advanced tools and technology, such as AutoCAD software, our Drafting and Design Technicians consider all road users that traditional traffic management plans overlook. We offer intricate and traffic safety drafting, design and consulting services to road authorities, municipalities, and contractors, with an emphasis on quality, technology, and world class customer service.

Traffic Control Plans for Smart Work Zones

By incorporating portable ITS systems and sources, such as cameras and sensors, data can be utilized to automate messages and traffic control measures to increase flow and enhance safety. Devices such as portable traffic lights, automated flagger assistance devices (AFADs), message boards, as well as customized alerts can give you enhanced control of yourwork zone, in real-time and from a safe location.