ATS Traffic Barricades and Signs

Our wide selection of barricades and signs meet Alberta Transportation specifications for highway and urban construction projects and work zones. We also comply with the BC MOT, MIT and Winnipeg specifications.

Barricades are solid objects that serve as an indicator for road users not to pass through. As a communication tool for traffic control, both signs and barricades help dictate and direct the flow of traffic. We offer a diverse range of barricade traffic services and products tailored to your traffic safety needs. As leading barricade and sign manufacturers, ATS Traffic strives to ensure the safety of everyone who shares the road.

Barricade Origins

In 1966, an innovative man by the name of Lorne Hooper, the founder of ATS Traffic, wasn’t satisfied with theFlare Pot– the only delineation product available to the public at the time. This fueled a burning desire within Lorne to develop something better and more efficient for the road.

Lorne brought his ideas to the workshop. With great time, sweat, and effort, he was able to manufacture a new, cutting-edge delineation product, which consisted of a flashing light attached to a steel barricade. Thus, the ATS Traffic barricade was born and introduced to all Western Canada.

Types of Barricades

ATS Traffic manufacturesbarricades and road accessoriesfor the purpose of enhancing the efficiency and safety for all roadway systems. This includes areas such as highways, construction zones, and rural and urban settings. Barricades at ATS Traffic are designed as Type I, Type II, or Type III. The implementation of various types of barricades and signs allows drivers and road workers to navigate the road safely.

Highway Barricades

ATS Traffic produces highway barricades focused on maintaining control of traffic on highways. To prevent incidents from occurring, a message needs to be shown visually as quickly and as clearly as possible for all motorists travelling at high speeds. That’s why highway barricades must be made of quality materials and be deployed properly so that it cannot be misinterpreted or ignored.
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Barricade-Road Closed

Temporary Highway Barricades

There are all kinds of communication tools in traffic control. Temporary barricades can help highway motorists be better informed of the conditions of the road and be prepared for any obstructions ahead. If a road is closed or a bridge is out of commission, motorists need to know when to stop and where to be diverted to. Temporary highway barricades are mobile and can be placed on any road surface.

Construction Barricades

Construction sites can be dangerous, not only for the workers within the work zone, but also for motorists on the nearby roadway who need to get through. Traffic flow can easily become a mess. Construction barricades mitigate the confusion for motorists by guiding them through hazardous construction zones. Barricades for construction zones create extra space and maintain safe distances between traffic and work zones.

Urban Barricades

有这么多司机不断,at Traffic has a diverse range of barricade traffic services built for urban settings to help control congested traffic in populated areas. Urban barricades redirect slower moving traffic to keep workers and pedestrians safe in high-risk situations where there are many distractions and moving parts.
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Crowd Control Barricades

Safety is the priority for all pedestrians. Crowd control barricades keep people in line as they gravitate from one area to the next. Public spaces are often occupied with people attending events, which could mean large crowds flooding the streets and even the road. This can have a substantial impact on roadways and the traffic that flows through it. Specific crowd control barricades are designed to keep pedestrian traffic directed in the most safe and efficient route possible.

Temporary Urban Barricades

A lane might be unavailable for a variety of different reasons. What must stay constant is the flow of traffic so that motorists are not jammed together during a chaotic period in an urban setting where rush hour is at its peak. Temporary urban barricades assist in the advancement and control of heavy urban traffic and keeps motorists alert and aware of their surroundings.

Temporary Pedestrian Barricades

In urban cities, where the roads are often busy with construction, there is a high probability that access will be blocked off in certain areas for pedestrians walking on a sidewalk. Temporary pedestrian barricades create alternative routes for walking pedestrians so that they can avoid the hazardous working area of a construction site and maintain a safe distance from the hazard area.

When you purchase barricades from ATS Traffic, you can take comfort in knowing that you are buying from Canada’s leading signs and barricades manufacturer. ATS Traffic has a plethora of barricade products available for purchase online, including barricade components, barricade lights, tape, barricades for both highway and urban settings, and other useful accessories to fit your traffic control needs.Visit our online storefor various barricades options available for purchase!