When you’re building a bridge, overpass, or section of road, you need the confidence that comes with knowing no one will get hurt. The Crash Attenuation solution gives you peace of mind by protecting drivers from hazards on and around the road.

No other company in western Canada does it all like we do. We can handle your crash attenuation from start to finish by supplying, installing, repairing, and maintaining products from some of the industry’s top brands. We know what to use in every situation, and we can help you decide what you need. When one supplier takes care of such a major portion of your project, it’s more timely and cost effective, not to mention convenient.


Every road is different: one might need an attenuator, while another needs a guard rail with an end treatment. It takes certain specialties, education, and know-how to put crash attenuators on the streets in the right way and the right setting.

We have that expertise and can use it to your advantage. We also have exclusive access to some of the industry’s top brands, including Vulcan, QuadGuard, and Energy Absorption. While other companies may only offer a few products, our massive inventory includes a wide range of options that are ready for your project.

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ConsultativeProcess-Consultation01@2x Consultation

We can use our consultative process to assess your situation and recommend the best combination of products and services to keep your project safe. If you don’t have the manpower, don’t know which products you need, or don’t want to manage your attenuation, this solution is for you.

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We can install every kind of crash attenuator we sell. There’s a large amount of work involved, from digging holes and pounding posts to assembling the kit and anchoring the attenuator. Depending on the type of attenuator, installation could take anywhere from a few hours to several weeks. We know what reinforcements to use and where, and we can do it all in house. If we’re running a road crew, you can rest easy knowing ATS is on the job.

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ConsultativeProcess-Execution@2x Repairs & Maintenance

At some point your crash attenuator will do its job perfectly and need to be repaired or replaced. We can come out to your site and either fix the damage or install a new attenuator. We can also touch up reflectivity and hazard stickers as needed. Maintenance is especially important with cable guards, as the cables expand and contract in hot and cold weather. We can re-tension the cable as the seasons change so you can trust them to do their job properly.

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