Traffic Data Systems

Traffic data collection is a powerful tool that can provide valuable insights about traffic infrastructure, improve traffic systems, and identify specific flaws for the betterment of traffic safety. Gathering data when near misses occur can provide valuable insight that will contribute to the reduction of incidents in the future, whether on the road or in the workplace.

Data Collection Services

  • Parking Insights
  • Origin/Destination
  • Municipal Data Services
  • Traffic Reports
  • Temporary Traffic Studies

How To Get Traffic Data

IntelliTrafik has the technological capabilities and expertise to gather data and convert it to an efficient traffic solution that will enhance your infrastructure. Data Collection as a Service (DCaaS) is offered through our department, as we have the knowledge and experience to give you exactly what you are looking for with traffic data collection.

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Traffic Data Collection Companies

通过我们的供应商,我们利用top-of-the-line solutions to gather traffic data analysis for your project. We work side-by-side as traffic data providers that manufacture and deploy some of the best traffic data collection services in the industry.

IntelliTrafik Solutions

  • Liveable Cities: SmartLinx Micro-Sensing Platform (SLX)
  • Image Sensing Systems: RTMS Echo
  • Data From Sky: Traffic Embedded
  • Houston Radar: Armadillo Tracker
  • MH Corbin Inc: NC 350 Bluestar Traffic Analyzer